Nordmann Fir trees for the 2018 season

Nordmann fir trees for the 2018 season - delivered direct from the grower

For the 2018 season we have a good portofolio of quality nordmann fir trees.

You are welcome to contact us to recieve a price and delivery offer. You are also welcome to agree an inspection of our plantation to see what we can deliver for the season.

Our expertise is:

  • Fresh, natural grown, high quality Christmas trees 
  • Flexible and individual packing of quality and size in accordance with your demands
  • Personal and professional services


Our trees are pruned to control the wide of the trees and they are topregulated to limit the top hight. This give a good relation between the hight and the wide. Between two and tree times per year we add fertilizer to ensure good needles and color of the trees.

The trees can be delivered from 1,5 m up to 2,5 m. all in good shape and good color and needle quality.

The grading is within 3 classes. Prima, standard and 3rd class.

Please do not hesitate to send your inquiry on email or make a call.

 You are welcome to require our pricelist and individual pictures of the trees to show the quality grading. See more abut the quality grading here

Pictures from our tree plantations July and August 2017



Other products

  • Ask for greens of nordmann and nobelis fir
  • Container grown nordmann fir trees 80-150 cm.


Production and delivery

 At Himmerlands we produce and deliver Nordmann Christmastrees (Abies Nordmanniana). The production is intensive with the purpose to acknowledge the required quality demand from our customers.

In the forestry work we cut the trees by use of a tractor cutter to ensure equal and maximum height of the trees. The tree trunk of each tree is “cleaned” with the chainsaw and following the trees are packed in net on CT pallets. Loading on trucks is done on stable ground / road.



For more information contact:


T: +45 24 42 21 67

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.